Restaurante Giratorio

About Us

We are the first Revolving Restaurant in Central America. Our circular architecture allows all diners to enjoy a 360-degree view of the urban panorama of modern Guatemala City and observe the majesty of the water, fire, Acatenango and Pacaya volcanoes, while tasting the most exquisite dishes of our national and international cuisine.

A space designed especially for you

We are sure that your business meetings, family celebrations, and joyful evenings with friends will become unforgettable moments in our revolving restaurant, which has been designed with countless details so that each and every one of your events will reach the desired satisfaction.

Barbecues and seafood are our specialty

Our assortment of national and international cuts creates unique culinary experiences for all palates. All our dishes are prepared with the most up-to-date culinary techniques and the highest quality products.