Located in zone 15 of Guatemala City, the Vista Quince hotel is an imposing architectural building of 18 floors that is distinguished from all others with its unique circular design, a facade of Australian limestone, and for having a revolving restaurant at the topmost level. In the year 2021, these characteristics granted it the title of “The Best Edification in Guatemala” at the Cemex Awards Ceremony of that year.

Despite the circular design of the building, the rooms are rectangular in shape, with curved balconies that allow for the enjoyment of the great sights of the capital city.

When arriving at their room, our guests will find a wide arrangement of exquisite decorations, furniture, and appliances in optimal condition. Multiple room service features can be accessed by calling reception, where all requirements will be taken care of without delay to make for a pleasant and unforgettable stay.

Revolving Restaurant

In the 18th level of the Vista Quince Hotel our guests will find the Revolving Restaurant, a unique place in its category. Inspired by the restaurant located in the Space Needle of Seattle, Washington, our Revolving restaurant relies on a mechanism that allows for it to rotate slowly, so that our guests may enjoy the varying sights of Guatemala City while enjoying exquisite national and international cuisine and beverages. The mechanism undergoes a full rotation in an hour, which allows one to appreciate the city with different shades of light, making each visit a unique and different

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